Dwelling with Mistress

This girl enjoyed her bondage in the chair last night. Though as girl suspected she was quite sore in the morning from dozing like this most of the night.

This girl says dozed, since she did not really properly sleep but drifted in and out of a semisleep not really fully asleep or fully awake, for most of the night until finally falling into a deep sleep of pure exhaustion. *blushes* There was a puddle of girl’s wet juices under her in the morning too.

It was nice stretching and exercising this morning, after being bound like that in a chair all night. Meditation was elusive due to the aches in girl’s muscles but girl did get there.

This girl had a nice day, and enjoyed the sudden snow flurry of thick flakes of snow today. Nothing really stuck but it was awfully pretty and girl danced around naked in the yard a bit. This girl enjoyed the cool flakes melting on her breasts and body. This girl’s nipples stiffened and poke out like hard diamonds due to her nipple piercings getting so cold. And her piercings in Mistress’s property, they felt wonderfully chilly in the heat of girl’s excitement.

Mistress had her girl do an assignment during the middle of the day. After girl rebloged a picture of a clothes pinned pussy with the title (that girl had added to be honest) “How Many Clothes Pins Will Fit on Your Pussy” Mistress reblogged the picture with the assignment to try this and report the number that fit on Mistress’s property (girl’s pussy) It was 23 clothes pins.

After rebloging this picture of a clothes pinned pussy.

This girl has 23 clothes pins on her Mistress’s property right now, 6 on each outer labia making 12, 5 on each inner labia making 10, and one on girl’s clitty making a total of 23 clothes pins.

Now after girl posts she can go start taking them off, ouch.

Tonight Mistress is allowing her girl to pleasure her, and cum with Mistress. If girl wakes in the middle of the night as usual girl will check tumblr and if Mistress has posted within an hour will cum with her Mistress again.

Tonight’s bondage is another one that will leave girl sore most likely, and challenge girl. It is binding girl’s feet together sole to sole by braiding the toes with paracord. Then girl’s thighs bound to her calves like this picture sort of.

This girl found this which will help her do the binding some. http://wackyoutlet.com/open-leg-shibari-bondage-rope.html

Though girl will be leaving her hands in front of her bound at the wrists. From there, girl is to place clothes pins on Mistress’s property for as long as it takes until girl cums. *blushes* Mistress just told girl as many as girl can fit and achieve orgasm. Looks like the 23 from earlier might have just been the trial run.

Goodnight tumblr, sweet kinky dreams

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