Having labia spread for 2 days

This girl has always enjoyed having her labia spread, and loves pictures of other women with their labia spread.

Mistress Mayhem had her property spread open for 2 days straight. This girl has her labia pierced, 3 rings on each labia. While discussing this steelwerks spreader with Mistress Mayhem

labia spreader from steelwerks

this girl got an idea to make a spreader without clamps. Clamps limit the time able to be spread due to pinching the labia, and cutting off circulation. This girl went out and bought 3 12 gauge piercing barbells that were 3 inches long. Using a dremel girl added divots into the sides of the barbell beads, which allowed them to take the place of the captive beads of the rings in girl’s labia. With the barbells in place they held open this girl’s labia quiet well, exposing Mistress’s property very well. The good thing about this is it enabled girl to be held spread for much longer than clamps would allow. They were in place for two day this first try, versus 15-30 minutes allowable with most clamps!!

Mistress wishes girl to journal her experience of being spread for two days straight.

This girl placed the 3 barbells in spreading her labia on Mistress’s property and immediately felt and saw herself getting much wetter. This girl was enjoying being held open like this for her owner. So exposed and revealed. With her labia spread like this it exposed girl’s other piercings very well. This girl has a suitcase piercing which goes from the bottom of girl’s pussy to her anus.

suitcase piercing

a triangle piercing which is a ring through the inner labia between girl’s clit and pee hole

triangle piercing

and girl has her actual clit pierced with a ring not the hood which is often called a clit piercing.

Mistress has girl keep Mistress’s property wet and swollen for her, so this girl had to play with herself often. Rubbing her pierced clit, running her fingers around her wet inner labia of Mistress’s property. This girl’s finger’s often bumping against the barbells causing them to tug at girl’s labia. It felt so good having Mistress’s property spread open like this, to feel every movement of the air on Mistress’s property. Sleeping spread open like this and waking feeling a little river of moisture running from Mistress’s spread property down her thigh. Walking out side in public with Mistress’s property spread like this was so very exciting too. Wearing a short skirt and no panties feeling the air on girl’s very wet inner labia as she walked.

The barbells attached to labia piercings allowed for some movement, and twisting which made everyday tasks easier than many labia spreaders would have. Walking was not overly difficult or as awkward as if using the thigh strap and clamp style labia spreaders. While it was more comfortable than other spreaders, the was no doubt girl could feel Mistress’s property spread open at all times. Never becoming numb to the fact that she was being held open. A constant reminder that the pussy between girl’s legs is the property of Mistress Mayhem.

Last night this girl finally felt a little soreness in the labia piercings and reported this to Mistress Mayhem. Not wanting to damage Mistress’s property asking if she could take the spreaders out sometime soon. Mistress reacted quickly and with caring affection for her property and said to remove them. To let Mistress’s property rest and recover. Mistress commanded her girl to pamper and rub oils on Mistress property last night. This girl has been taking care of Mistress’s property and rubbing and massaging it much of last night and this morning. This girl thinks Mistress’s property is very happy to be owned by such a caring kind owner who keeps her property wet and excited at all times, who wants her property rubbed and cared for, who enjoys keeping it on the edge of ecstasy as often as she can. This girl knows that she is very happy to be owned by such a wonderful owner, girl is very honored and pleased to be Mistress Mayhem’s property.

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